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New Funding Risks for Developers in the Current Market

Be one of the first to receive my upcoming Simple Guide to Development Financing in Australia. It will focus on issues developers' need to know to avoid costly mistakes. It includes over 30 tips to improve your financing outcomes. Be sure to email and register your interest NOW and get on the VIP list!…
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The Hidden Perils of Development Financing in 2018-19

DUE DILIGENCE IS NOW A TWO-WAY STREET One issue arising from the current development financing market is what unforeseen surprises might be faced by a developer which is fortunate enough to identify a financier (bank or non-bank) willing to finance its project? In this Alert, we discuss a number of matters we have recently come…
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How to improve developer outcomes in 2018-2019

The last 12 months have proven to be challenging to improve developer outcomes with tighter banking restrictions on both development and residential mortgage loans as well as foreign capital restrictions significantly affecting the residential property market. The need to minimise the adverse impacts of these matters as well as other issues has focussed the attention…
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Are you ready for 1 July 2018

In addition to the commencement of the new restrictions on enforcement of “Ipso facto” clauses in documents (as mentioned in our previous Alert and Update), a number of other changes will also become effective on 1 July 2018. In this Alert, we highlight some of these changes which will impact property transactions going forward. New…
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