“Helping local and international property investors and developers optimise their funding experience”

Utilising the expertise and substantial experience of our Founder, Peter Faludi Consulting provides foreign and local property investors and developers (either directly or as part of their existing advisers’ services) with the knowledge they need to be able to make better informed decisions in relation to their financing/funding arrangements. This includes matters relating to financing, joint ventures and development management arrangement.

Our Services

The scope of our services is flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of our client. It can range from:

  • providing a general overview of the main matters to consider in commercial real estate transactions to avoid common pitfalls,
  • bespoke consulting services for particular types of transactions,
  • assisting our client in negotiating the terms of the heads of agreement, memoranda of understanding, letters of offer or term sheets for a specific transaction,
  • assisting our clients in identifying potential financiers, project managers, lawyers, accountants and tax advisers for a specific transaction.

Our service is not intended to replace the client’s legal, tax or accounting advisers but to facilitate the implementation of the transaction by minimising the amount of renegotiation required after legal advisers become involved in the matter.


In providing clients with the guidance they want to get to the outcomes they are looking for, clients enjoy the following benefits from our service:

  • access to our Founder’s 30 years plus experience in finance and property investment law,
  • reductions in the costs and time taken to implement transactions,
  • the potential to access alternative sources of debt finance for development projects,
  • the option of being able to receive a whole of transaction solution,
  • increased likelihood of being asked to participate in future transactions in the Australian market.


In the current Australian market, the major banks have substantially reduced their willingness to provide property finance, particularly in respect of development projects.

Through our relationships, we have access to a large number of non-bank financiers keen to lend on property transactions, including development finance. In the current market, knowing where finance is available is a significant benefit to clients and we can assist them with relevant introductions to these financiers.

Whole of transaction solution

We have developed relationships with advisers who can work with investors on all aspects of the transaction. In other words, together with our contacts, we can (if requested by our clients) provide a whole of transaction solution to investors.
From accountants, lawyers and tax advisers to financiers and project managers, we can assist clients with the issues they need or want to address throughout the transaction starting at the very beginning before they commit to signing any documents, all the way to completion.


During his long career (over 30 years) in finance and property investment law, our Founder and Director, Peter Faludi, has seen the negative outcomes that can arise when a party to a real estate transaction does not become familiar with the relevant issues prior to signing the initial transaction documents. These negative outcomes include:

  • The client not having sufficient control of its investment
  • The transaction not being structured in the most optimal way for the client
  • Time delays in getting to settlement
  • Legal and other adviser fees blowing out
  • Clients having to compromise their position on important matters
  • Parties to the transaction walking away from the deal.

Peter’s goal in establishing Peter Faludi Consulting was to help investors make better informed decisions in relation to their property investments.

In his view, knowledge is power and without a sufficient level of knowledge of the issues relevant to a proposed transaction or an awareness of ways in which to overcome such issues, investors are more likely to be unhappy with the outcome of a transaction.


Peter has been a key adviser to investors in relation to a number of high profile property transactions, examples of which are shown in our Projects.