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Developments in Non Bank Property Financing – Australia 2019

Be one of the first to receive my upcoming book: The Ultimate Short Guide to Development Financing in Australia. AVAILABLE END OF APRIL The book helps developers and commercial property investors understand issues arising from finance documents that they often, mistakenly, regard as boilerplate or “just” fine print. Don’t let the “devil in the detail”…
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Property Development in the New World – Australia 2019

Since our January 2019 Newsletter, in which we touched on some possible consequences flowing from the Opal Tower situation in NSW, three major announcements have been made which are likely to have long term structural impacts on property development in Australia and result in a more expensive environment in which to undertake property development. The…
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Some Possible Flow on Effects of Opal Tower

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT ALERT NO. 18 The appearance of cracks in the Opal Tower building at Olympic Park in Sydney on Christmas Eve 2018 may be remembered as either being an isolated incident which is not reflective of the construction standards followed in Australia or the start of a new stressful phase in the increasingly…
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As 2018 draws to an end what will 2019 look like?

Throughout this year we have focused on changes to the property development and investment landscape, with a particular focus on the growing and important non-bank lending sector. Although this sector remains largely unregulated, changes made in 2018 to both the Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act and the Banking Act have opened the possibility of…
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