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Helping Property Investors improve their position in Australian Property

In the competitive world of investing in Australian commercial property, property investors are constantly considering what can they do to be the preferred party to deal with in relation to a particular project. What is important in winning a transaction for property investors – price is not enough! In the case of a purchaser, the…
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The new world is not all about COVID 19 Property investors and developers beware

REAL ESTATE FINANCE and INVESTMENT ALERT August 2020 Commentary on the economic impact of COVID 19, including its impact on the property market, has been widespread. The pace of legislative reform associated with COVID 19 has been unprecedented. Our experience with legislative reform is that other than for the more established and well-funded participants in…
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Has NSW clarified the Mandatory Leasing Code?

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT ALERT Special Edition April 2020 Has NSW clarified the Mandatory Leasing Code? As mentioned in our last Alert, on 7 April 2020 the Federal Government released its mandatory code of conduct setting out the “good faith leasing principles” to apply during the COVID-19 period to negotiations between landlords and tenants in respect…
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