Peter Faludi is a member of The Alternative Board of which I am the chairman of the Ryde-Parramatta Region.

The Alternative Board consists of the owners/managing directors of a number of small to medium sized businesses. The skills and experience of the other board members provide guidance to individual members in overcoming issues which arise in the course of their business.

Having Peter on the board has proved to be of significant value to the other board members. Peter's legal background and his commercial experience have greatly assisted other board members in identifying issues they need to be aware of in transactions in which they are involved. Peter has also assisted members in fundraising activities and has made a positive difference to the level of discussions occurring a board meetings.

In addition to Peter's professional qualities,he is good to deal with as is evidenced by the feedback received from other members of the board. Given this, I believe Peter has the right background and qualities to deliver the services and benefits he is offering his clients.

John Sweeney, Principal Ryde - Parramatta Region @ The Alternative Board Australia