Finance Strategies for Commercial Buyers & Developers – Tips, Traps and Tactics

Finance Strategies for Commercial Buyers & Developers – Tips, Traps and Tactics

I recently had the pleasure of joining Rich Harvey, CEO of PropertyBuyer, in a joint Webinar on finance strategies for Commercial Buyers and Property Developers.


As the market for property development appears to be more positive, with some commentators predicting the residential market will be undersupplied within the next 6 – 12 months, now may be the time for such buyers and developers to start considering their next projects.


Obtaining bank finance continues to be difficult for developers other than top tier Australian developers.


In this environment, our Webinar is particularly relevant as the ability to source good properties and finance as well as minimise the commercial and financial risks associated with any finance offered are key to ensuring a good investment outcome.


In case you did not have an opportunity to view our Webinar live, please click on Webinar Replay.


I hope you enjoy the Webinar.


Please feel free to contact Rich or me if you would like to discuss.


For tips on how to improve a borrower’s position under finance documents please download my free Top 10 Tips to improve your Australian Property and Development Finance Outcomes – There is much more to it than just numbers available on our Website at


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